Sueño en la Fábrica in concert

A great ethno-synthetic mixture, with classical, traditional and contemporary nuances, developed around the voice of Alejandra Santander.

With its rhythms, its melodies and its at times more abstract atmosphere, this unclassifiable group takes us on a voyage towards a variety of territories, in Spanish, in French or even in imaginary languages.
When these cultural intersect, each of their histories, from Latin America to Europe and beyond, rebound from a strong artistic identity which fills the public with emotion and curiosity.
Sueño's concerts are both popular and original. Their collaborations on larger events with circus artists, dance or video, their invented sounds and instruments, and their imaginary world-music open all the doors of the imagination.

16 years of creation and concerts, 5 albums, music for documentary films, street theatre, sonic object theatre... all around the globe.

Alejandra Santander - Voice and additionnal instruments
Didier Boyat - Guitars, sound modification and keyboards
Alain Garoby - Percussions
Nicolas Pellier - Drums
Guillaume Grenard - Bass and trumpet