Retro Latino Trio

“At the heart of Retro Latino Trio is Alejandra Santander, a singer who has always had Latin music in her soul.” (Yves pepito Malette — MAG

  • 14 Feb "El Tucano" AGUAS ZARCAS
  • 17 Feb "La parrilla de María Bonita" LA FORTUNA
  • 18 Feb "Fusion Arenal" EL CASTILLO
  • 22 Feb "Teatro de Bolsillo" SAN JOSÉ
  • 24 Feb "Moya's place" NUEVO ARENAL
  • 25 Feb "Celages" NOSARA
  • 29 Feb "Teatro de Bolsillo" SAN JOSÉ
  • 1st Mar "Moya's place" NUEVO ARENAL

Latin America, boleros, chacha, sounds, guajîras, tangos and waltz

This is the music Alejandra Santander has under her skin. It’s the music she has always sung and she knows how to give it its authentic inimitable character, make it real and come alive.

Unlike the noisy and electronic type of music, RETRO LATINO is the sweetness, sensuality and rhythm of boleros, waltzes, tangos and Cuban sounds.

This is a varied repertoire of songs from Latin America accompanied by Malhory Maret and Didier Boyat at the guitars.
Tel: (+33)6 10 29 06 23