Harmony of the spheres

Conference performance

Dominique Proust

Inspired by the book by Dominique Proust "The Harmony of the Spheres" ed.Seuil

Both autonomous and connected, like the planets of
system, the artists travel the world and sounds
color, imagine a music of the spheres,
from raw sound to the song.

This conference will show, from the book of
Dominique Proust, traces the disturbing historical parallel
binding astronomy and music.

Text adaptation: Didier Boyat
Music: Sueño en la Fabrica

  • Alexandra Santander: voice and additional instruments
  • Véronique Burgos: choreography
  • Bernard Dutheil: video projection
  • Yves Pignard: narration
  • Didier Boyat: keyboards, guitars and sound distribution
  • Jean Luc Peilhon: bass clarinet, clarinet, harmonica

This show was played at CERN, Geneva, Lyon-Confluence Museum, Festiplanètes, Villefranche sur Saone, Altec Alimentec Bourg en Bresse, Mélodifoliz, Ceyzériat...