Live Herbert's dream

This show, which has toured the world, is being proposed with live music, by the composers of the original soundtrack, for an absolutely unforgettable moment.

They advance in shadow, long white silhouettes on stilts, draped in fabric, seemingly waiting for someone, something. Appearing from around a tree, the corner of the street, equipped with only the language of the silences and slow gestures, they begin strange consultations, approach each other, pull away, and finally invite us to follow them to the call of the music of Sueño En La Fábrica…

Le Rêve d’Herbert is a point of reference in the creation of material for street theatre and large events. Since its conception, in June 1997, they have staged more than 400 presentations on five continents, from France’s Châlon In the Street (In & Off) and World Cup of Soccer 1998, through to Perth, Sidney or Salt Lake City… coproduced by Inko’Nito (Nikola Martin) and la Compagnie des Quidams (Jean-Baptiste Duperray).

Characters - Compagnie des Quidams
Alejandra Santander - Vocals & Additional Instruments
Didier Boyat - Guitars, Traffic, Sound and Keyboards
Alain Garoby - Percussion
Nicolas Pellier - Drums
Guillaume Grenard - Bass & Trumpet