Sueño en la Fabrica met NIMBAYA group in Canada in 2008, both participating in the International Children's Festival St. Albert .

With their producer Mamoudou Conde and their agent, Nathalie Roy, the two groups met in Guinea Conakry in December 2010 to end how to create a directory from compositions proposed by Alexandra Santander and Didier Boyat and some songs that are part of the concert of Nimbaya.

Following this wonderful collaboration, a musical fusion is born, to the delight of both groups. The Guinean percussion, dance and song blend perfectly with the dreamy and modern atmospheres of Sueño in the Fabrica. It is with honor and joy that the artists shared their experiences.

Recordings sessions were made in Conakry for the realization of a first CD and the preparation of a concert.

Listen to the music on Radio Sueño (click on the "Nimbaya/Sueño" cover)